Protek SRS

Protek SRS

Protek SRS


The rugged PROTEK SRS Drill Interrupter offers excellent protection against drilling through grounded metal piping, grounded conduit, grounded post-tension cabling, and grounded reinforcement steel while penetrating concrete walls and slabs.  The PROTEK SRS has been designed for use in nuclear facilities, power plants, construction projects, facility maintenance, and industrial applications.

  • Interrupts power to a drill instantly when the drill bit encounters grounded metal
  • Reduces damage to grounded metal:  piping, conduit, grounded PT cabling, grounded rebar
  • High-capacity, heavy duty components
  • Reduces drill-bit breakage
  • Reliable switching.  Stops power to the drill within milliseconds.
  • Rugged / weather-resistant, fiber-reinforced polyester housing
  • Active and passive safety-shunt circuits
  • Heavy-duty external grounding terminals
  • Built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for excellent operator safety
  • Dust-proof / Weather-resistant GFCI - reduces exposure to drilling dust
  • Heavy-duty hardware, rugged design
  • Rated at 15 amps 110-120 Volts, AC
  • Each unit thoroughly tested and inspected before shipment
  • One full year factory warranty
  • Approved for use while on ladders and scaffolding
  • For use with 3-wire grounded drills

A partial list of current users includes:

  • Oconee Nuclear
  • DOE Savannah River
  • Comanche Peak Nuclear
  • Point Beach Nuclear
  • St. Lucie Nuclear
  • TVA Watts Bar Nuclear



Heavy-duty, weather-resistant reinforced-polyester housing
Double-relay / active and passive safety shunts
Heavy-duty, chrome-plated handle handle
Redundant external grounding/drill case terminals
Durable 12-guage NEMA 5-15 SJOW powercord
Built-in ground-indicator lamp
DuraShield dust proof/water resistant GFCI membrane
Extra-heavy-duty circuitry
Rated at 15 amps, 115 volts, AC

Dimensions:  6" x 6" x 3.5" (Approximate)
Weight: 8 pounds

*To see the schematic - click on the small thumbnail below the main image.

Instructions:  Protek SRS Instructions PDF


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